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Here is the new Logo hope you like it

To confirm the Head and Neck Social Group's support for K.T's Ice Cream project we are pleased to announce the formation of CoolAid.

CoolAid is the collective banner under which we hope everyone will come together to raise funds and awareness for K.T's project.

Luton Rugby Club be the first fundraisers to use the new logo at their Hawaiian Night on Saturday 30th of October.

For more details contact Derek Tidman

Luton Rugby Union Football Club have confirmed their commitment to the Head and Neck Social Group and the CoolAid Project which is the clubs chosen Good Cause for the season.


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Relay for Life 2010 Pictures

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Another Great day at Stockwood Park much of which was down to this lady.


Susan Blee

Waiting for the start             Dave with his mates


Dave flirting again

New Mayor and our MP             Alan                James

If we're all here whose walking?

Nosh Time      Bend it     Mayor announces Cuts



The Green Party          Keith                         Tombola

Ready Steady GO

I'll put a spell on you                    You did what?


Mugged again

Roll Up roll Up                     Pick and Mix

Gentlemen start your Engines           The Bear Necessities


More pictures this time from James Lucas



Swanvesta Social Club

I didn't expect much from a band whose name is a parody of those legendry Cubans that Ry Cooder brought to the world in 1997.

Half way through the set I was very impressed by this Salsa / Latin band playing their own arrangements of stuff you would not expect to hear.

If you need a good time band then they don't get better than this. Book them quick before they get too expensive. DerekT